Thursday, May 5, 2011

My first post for this blog ...

I hope to inspire and to share ideas during wedding planning. i have always dreamt of a wedding which would be memorable, unique, whimsical and well just interesting. I have done a small amount of planning for the wedding not much at all and I have foudn that during this time I find and have ideas which I would love to share so now I am :)

My wedding is not till 2013, a year which we have chosen because our favorite number is 13 ideally I would love the wedding to be in Mark which is the third month and would love to find a Saturday which has a 1 or a 3 but looking ahead it seems that this is not achievable so at this time I am happy to settle for the year being 2013. (more on this i hope to come)

I have been engaged for more than a year and since the wedding is 2 years away I will start the planning now, myself (dellice) and my partner (mark) have been together for 5 years now and have a gorgeous 4 year old (brody).. I have another blog which is more about my personal life it is called .. dellice ect.

i am excited for both blogs as I can now publicly express My creative side...

Enjoy !